ColourVue Glow Pink Jubilee

ColourVue Glow Pink Jubilee

ColourVue Glow Pink Jubilee Contact Lenses


This model have great covering factor, so it makes my natural colour invisible. They look really good, even though I expected them to be more intensive pink (eventually, shade is lighter and less flashy). Shadings on iris make them look bigger and natural In some way…


Just like with most of lenses, first wearing was unconfortable for few moment, then problem almost dissapeared. Almost, because, I feel them on my eye for most of time and dryness of eyes happens earlier than with, for example, ColourVue Blizzard. There’s no eye correction avalaible either.

Look: 8
Comfort: 6
Covering: 10

Link: (we recomend that shop, fast delivery and long expiration date)

Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony


ColourVue Blizzard


ColourVue Big Eyes Party Green

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