ColourVue Big Eyes Pretty Hazel

ColourVue Big Eyes Pretty Hazel

ColourVue BigEyes Pretty Hazel Contact Lenses


First good imression hits just after opening the box – chocolate like colour, with darker shading and rim, optically anlarging an iris. Colours are intensive and look good, even before wearing.
They covered my natural eye colour, green, very well, making it invisible. Lanses colour stayes as brown as before. My natural colour could be seen only in the middle “pupil area”. Big eyes effect is very visible.


I got problem with Big Eyes lanses before. I wasn’t very optimistic, but none of previous problems occuret. At first I felt a little discomfor, but after few moments I stoped feeling any lanses related sensations. Sometimes after long time my eyes got a bit dry but it doesn’t have to be caused by them.

Look: 10
Comfort: 7



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