ColourVue Big Eyes Party Green

ColourVue Big Eyes Party Green

ColourVue Big Eyes Party Green


Lenses I’m writing about are one of Big Eyes models. I have chosen them aiming to get effect which would make me look like Disney Princess. I must say, that they do what I wanted great, iris of an eye gets significantly bigger and so cuteness and sweetness increases. Shading makes it look relatively natural. Green colour is a bit dark, could be more intensive, but it gets along perfectly with my natural eye colour. I have to point out, that this lenses looks best on green(ish) eyes, because it expands space of visible colour.

Rapunzel from Tangled


One of most confortable lenses I’ve ever got. No discomfort even after a whole day of wearing it. They are sometimes sliding a little, but it can be fixed with just a little adjustment. I recomend being cautious while taking them off, they like to fold and get stuck in this position, which may make them get damaged. They also can be bough with prescription, with is really helpfull for someone with my eyesight.

Look: 7
Comfort: 7
Covering: 7


Poison Ivy from DC Comics


ColourVue Glow Pink Jubilee


Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Violet

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